Sunday, February 28, 2010

Desert Duathlon

Wow... so, it rained from about 10pm until 10am.  Crazy storm and mysterious clouds.  We woke up to pelting rain on our bedroom window - it was amazing!  Up at 4:45 am and out the door to get to Desert Duathlon at McDowell Mountain Park before 7.  Pouring rain!  Started 3.5 mile run in the rain and mud... what a mudfest!  I was laughing out loud at one point!  Then rode 21 miles through the Park out onto McDowell Mountain Road and back... it was so windy and rainy that I wasn't real comfortable down in my bars.  I kept getting up to feel safer.  By the end, my hands were so frozen that I couldn't shift or break!  WOW!  That was a first, so I had to sit up and just get to the finish.  Hands were so cold that I couldn't get my shoes on to run the last leg!  I was soooooooo messed up!  I couldn't feel my feet... it was amazing.  Had to run out and get warm in the car so I don't know results yet. 

As I was driving home, Tyson called... Jade got her hand squished in a door and broke 2 fingers and lost the fingernails.  8 stitched to connect the ends of her fingers.  Poor thing! 

All followed by 45 minutes in the hot tub during the rain... ahhhh... niiiice. :)
What a day! 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

running in the rain

Went on an awesome run that ended in the rain today. 9.8 miles in Anthem. ended uphill, and in the rain. And I felt great! Followed by a fabulous half hour in the hot tub with Tyson and the kids. Loving it. Home now watching the olympics. What amazing athletes! Rainy days rock...

Friday, February 19, 2010

it's for real!

Well... here it is! My first post. I officially registered today for ironman arizona in november. Wow. AllSport GPS has graciously agreed to sponsor me for my first IM. I'm pretty excited and maybe I should be more nervous?! I went on a great 9 mile trail run this morning with my friend Karen who did her first IM last year. She has so much great advice for me. I've hired a coach... Nick at Durapulse, out of Tribe Multisport. I'll officially start training with him on March 1. For now, I'm focusing on finishing up cycling racing season as a Cat 3, and getting in some runs. Racing Desert Duathlon next Sun... what fun! Wish me luck!