Sunday, February 28, 2010

Desert Duathlon

Wow... so, it rained from about 10pm until 10am.  Crazy storm and mysterious clouds.  We woke up to pelting rain on our bedroom window - it was amazing!  Up at 4:45 am and out the door to get to Desert Duathlon at McDowell Mountain Park before 7.  Pouring rain!  Started 3.5 mile run in the rain and mud... what a mudfest!  I was laughing out loud at one point!  Then rode 21 miles through the Park out onto McDowell Mountain Road and back... it was so windy and rainy that I wasn't real comfortable down in my bars.  I kept getting up to feel safer.  By the end, my hands were so frozen that I couldn't shift or break!  WOW!  That was a first, so I had to sit up and just get to the finish.  Hands were so cold that I couldn't get my shoes on to run the last leg!  I was soooooooo messed up!  I couldn't feel my feet... it was amazing.  Had to run out and get warm in the car so I don't know results yet. 

As I was driving home, Tyson called... Jade got her hand squished in a door and broke 2 fingers and lost the fingernails.  8 stitched to connect the ends of her fingers.  Poor thing! 

All followed by 45 minutes in the hot tub during the rain... ahhhh... niiiice. :)
What a day! 

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  1. CRAZYNESS!!! But it does sound like fun!!! Can't wait to see the results. Nice work!!!