Monday, March 22, 2010

Bike workouts CAN be fun?!

Back from a glorious trip to Tahoe with a great group... now back to the real world. To work by 730am, put in a solid day of catch up, and left around 530 to meet Tyson for a bike workout. My first ever official bike workout.

15 min warm-up. 13 minutes at 160 HR and 2 minutes rest x4.  My base training HR zone is 143-153, so 160 isn't too far out of my regular range.  But, I've had a tough time getting my HR up lately.  Not sure what that means.

I'm meeting with Nick in the next couple of days. Worried a bit about the amount of training I'm supposed to be doing, and about fitting it all in. And worried about my HR being too low.

Endurance swim workout in the morning...


  1. Altitude change?? Did your heart get used to less O2 at altitude and now it needs to pump less??

    That is why the Olympic Center is in Colorado : - )

  2. I'm learning I'm in better running shape than biking shape. I can get my HR up on the run, but need to push harder on the bike. HR training is SOO interesting!