Monday, August 18, 2014

IMAZ: To race or not to race... That is the question

I've been torn on this for months now, but it's time to make a decision: do I bag it or race? I can't let indecision make my decision.

I don't have a biking or running base right now. Since April 2013 after first breaking my thumb and second finding out I was pregnant with Siris, I have been on 5 rides over 50 miles and maybe 10 rides under 50 miles (including a handful that were 15-20 miles). I can count on one hand the number of times I've run further than 4 miles since Deuces 2013.

So, why do this?
1- I love racing
2- I love training
3- I am signed up to race
4- I could use a swift kick in the a$$ and need some motivation!
5- I'd like Siris to one day see that I was able to do this within a year of his birth
6- I wonder what I'm capable of in a 90 day period

That's right... IMAZ is 90 days away. Yikes.

Okay, so what am I capable of?
If I were reasonably trained:
1:15 swim
5:10 bike
3:45 run
With 5 min transition, that's 10:15.

With a 90 day training plan:
1:20 swim
5:30 bike
4:30 run (not sure on this one)
With 10 min transition, that's 11:30.

Goal: 11:30.

There, I said it! Now bring on the 90 day training plan!!


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  1. Good luck :)
    Maybe just race for the sheer joy of it and not worry about time??