Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boca Raton here I come!

Headed to Boca Raton for 4 days of training... swimming in the 73 degree ocean, running aling the coast. Can't wait.

Did a nice 2500m endurance swim last night, ending with 6x100 pull.  Follow that with boot camp at 5am this morning and I can almost not move my arms today!  Niiiiice. And even nicer, I took the kids with me to the pool and they had a blast.  I just found a solution to swimming during family time... bring them!  They loved it.

AND, I just picked up a new long sleeve wetsuit. I'm in!!

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  1. Good family time and a good way to instill fitness as a value in kids! You're doing so great Teri, keep up the hard work!