Monday, July 19, 2010

Here comes the San Francisco Marathon

Haven't posted in a while... I think its the heat that's kept me off the computer!  Its been 115 this last week in Phoenix, and if you're not gone with your workouts by 7, you're toast!

So, I've been up and at it by 430-5am.  its the weekends that are killing me, so I just switched by "off" day from Monday to Sunday so I can have some semblance of a life on Sat night and sleep in on Sunday.  Yesterday was the first Sunday I've slept in since I can remember and it was magnificent!  Tyson and I slept in, bought a new TV and had lunch, roamed aimlessly around the cool temp mall (making no purchases), then sat and watched movies and the Tour de France until we couldn't hold our eyes open. Magnificent!

Sooo, this weekend is the San Francisco Marathon.  My first marathon ever, and a hilly one!  I've been doing my long runs (up to 18 miles) and 4-5 hr long bikes, so I should be fit for it.  I haven't run a marathon before, so I am not surehow those miles over 20 are going to feel, other than outright painful.

I'm nervous, because I'm filled with expectation.  I think I can run a 3:30.  I have no good reason to believe that, other than I feel good and I feel fit.  But its not going to be easy.  Nick says I can run a 3:40. I would like to make sure I'm under 3:45. 

Hmmmmm... why do I put the pressure on myself?  Why why?  I do it because I'm a good competitor.  I have expectations.  I love placing well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed training, and the long runs (when its not 100+ degrees) are some of my favorite workouts.

So, here it goes... next Sunday.  I'll post my results...   

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