Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Management

I just finished the pinnacle training weekend before Ironman taper. 
I went into it with a tough and almost excited attitude.  I have thoroughly enjoyed training for IMAZ.  Has been tough mentally and physically, and demanding on all parts of life.  I have enjoyed the challenge of accomplishing it all.  I actually think I like the challenge of time management.  Time is something you can't buy, and I think I am a miracle worker at getting everything in and making it all happen well.
In the office by 7a for a busy day of meetings.  Don't forget to eat.  Jade's Brownie investiture ceremony at 5:30p in Anthem, pick Ethan up from karate, and on to Friday night pizza at home with Tyson.  Today was a work and family day. 
I calculated what time I needed to wake up to get in a 60 min ride and a 20 mile run in before the Open Water swim start at 10am: 4:45a.  Okay, must be in bed by 10.  Prep sets of everything to make Sat am smooth. 
#1 Up at 4:45a, eat, prep water bottles, quietly.  Out the door at 5a.  Bike for one hour.  No light on bike... that's okay, no traffic in Anthem in the am.  Had a nice ride.  Back home at 6a.  Sun starting to rise.
#2 Quick change into run clothes in garage and off by 6:05a.  House still asleep.  Lots of people out running and walking big furry dogs this morning!  Had a great long run... I'm always trying to visualize the Ironman marathon on my long runs. I train on tough, hilly run routes in hopes that IM will be easier.  Ran down to Carefree road and back, 19.75 miles.  Close enough.  Weather was perfect... overcast and cool.  Very enjoyable.  I never thought id say that about a 20 mile run.  This is the longest run of my life, next to the SF marathon.  Unfortunately, I didn't calculate enough time for the run, and I got home at 8:50. 
When I get home, Tyson is working in the yard, post-run, an Jade is lying on the couch.  She has stomach cramps, so I get her some fruit and tell her about the 5 inch scorpion I saw on my run!  Ethan is at a Boy Scout gathering, so he is out and about his day. 
Throw together a pb&j and a revocery drink and take a quick shower.  Swimsuit on, quick kiss to Tyson and I'll off.  9:20.
#3 Its about a 30 min drive to the lake.  Plenty of time.  I get to the far harbor and drat... wrong location.  The guy at the pay station knows nothing about a swim race.  Drive back towards home to the previous harbor and nope, not there either.  Now its 9:55 and I'm starting to panic.  Find the harbor (10 min closer to home!) and there they are.  
As I pulled in, the start occurred.  I ran over to registration to happily see Rich Dirmantas.  I got my wetsuit on, and by the time I get to the water, the non-wetsuit group is starting (5 min later).  I believe I started about a minute later than that. 
I've never spent an hour and a half with my head in the water before.  My longest OW swim before this was 2000m.  This is a LOT of time with nothing but you and your head. 
The stretch to the first buoy seemed like foreeeeever.  wow.  How will I swim this triangle four times? Go for it.  Don't forget to follow-through on your stroke. Breathe every 3 strokes. Twist your shoulders. Thumbs near your ears as they come out of the water.  Kick!  Don't forget to kick!  One lap, two laps.  Maybe I'll stop after 3 laps.  Why are people passing me?  Four laps. 
On the last leg of lap 4, I went into fast swim mode.  I forgot I had that mode!  Felt great as I "sprinted" towards the finish.  Keep in mind that "sprinting" is a running word to me and has no place in swimming.  Swimming is NOT a sport.  
Whew.  Done.  1:28:49, minus 6 minutes.  Not bad!
Now, back home at 12:15, after a quick stop for a krispy kreme and a chocolate milk.  YUM.  Kids just got dropped off at a birthday party from 11:30-1:30 and Tyson is driving to get the U Haul to start the move from Biltmore condo to downtown condo. 
I have officially entered Part 2 of my day. 
Home at 12:30.  Unpack.  Repack. Get kid overnight bag.  Grab computer.  Eat snack.  Back in the car by 1:15.  Pick up kids from party, talk about how fun the Play Fort is and who fell down the most.  Stop for Joeys of Chicago beef sandwich.  Drive to meet Tyson at Biltmore condo, load bikes.  Arrive by 3pm at downtown highrise, our new 2nd home.
Kids love it.  Spend the next hour unpacking the Uhaul and making this "fun" with the kids.  They're such good kids :)  all boxes in by 5pm.
Tyson and Ethan return the Uhaul while Jade and I unpack the condo.  She's such a fun little helper!  Boys back by 7p, along with our first guests: Patrick and Alexis!  More unpacking, Smurfs on TV, Subway, visit to the Community Room.  In bed by 10pm.  Wow.

Up at 6a to deliver the kids to their Moms house.  Back to condo at 715.  Out the door for a 120m ride by 8a.
First 40 miles were brutal.  I pushed with all my might to get into my HR zone, but I didn't have it.  Saturday intensity got me.  Push, push.  Sent a frustrated text to Nick at mile 40.  Do I keep it up?  Turn around and go home? 
I stopped for lunch at Safeway at mile 60. Stopped for 30 minutes to regain myself.  Then pushed on for another 70 miles.  Painful - mentally and physically.  Once I got back onto my "normal" route home, I felt okay.  Low HR from all the training, but got in the miles nonetheless. 

Tyson in CFP class all day.  I went over to the old condo to get a few things wrapped up. Packed more bikes up, and back downtown.  8pm we went to Majerle's to catch up on the weekend's football and have some dinner. 
In bed by 10pm.

Today is my birthday and I'm taking the day off of training.  Headed into the office to register for the Boston Marathon.  I have a PT appointment in the afternoon as well. 
And it continues...


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Terri. Way to hang tough in your crazy weekend training. You know, training is way harder than the actual race :-) You are going to ROCK it.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hwy, I didn't see napping in there :-) Recovery is just as important as swim bike run :-) Hihihi. Hope you enjoy your day off!!!