Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Its been too long...

I broke my arm 6 weeks ago yesterday, and its been a long journey. I know the break has been good for me. My body feels recovered, I've lost a little weight, and I'm ready to hop back in the saddle.

This past weekend, I participated in my first ever triathlon relay - the Marquee Half Iron - and with two amazing women: Karleen Dirmantas and Robin Watson.  Although the race that we were prepared for was changed to a duathlon the morning of the race, we had great motivation and a great experience. 

I was the runner for the half marathon distance. And while I would normally feel excited and prepared, I felt nervous and anxious.  I broke my arm six weeks ago and have not yet recovered nor been training up to my potential. However, my team inspired me to be better and to be more, because I wasn't just racing for me... I was racing for them.

The first lap of two was comfortable. The time flew by... The second lap required me to push harder, and push into a high heartrate zone, per Nick.  I pulled through and ran a 1:37, faster than I expected given my lack of training.

Racing with Karleen and Robin was a treat. We have big plans... To beat our coach at the same distance race at SOMA in October. We need a 4:20 :) Bring it on!!!

Next up - Boston Marathon next Monday. I'm excited to experience and pay homage to the famous Boston race. Wish me luck!

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